What to Expect at London Travel Week Virtual

Kicking off tomorrow, London Travel Week Virtual will maximise the online experience of all WTM Virtual delegates over the next seven days.

Taking place between 30th October and 5th November 2020, the event will hold a diverse array of webinars and summits designed to help the travel industry recover, rebuild and innovate.

The schedule will be focusing on how to market a destination or brand into the future. The Five Percent will deliver their take on the future of travel marketing, before the BAME Women in Travel organisation will unpack how to diversify travel marketing to help brands connect with an increasingly varied consumer market.

Moving to Saturday, and London Travel Week will be showcasing further insightful content including webinars with BBC Storyworks and the Caviar Spoon Rebelle as well as debuting the #TourismStrong campaign from GLP Films who will be showing their work towards pioneering sustainable recovery solutions for local tourism operators around the world.

G Adventures will also be taking up slots over the weekend, with two webinars centred on their recent “re-travel better” campaign.

The company’s founder Bruce Poon Tip will speak to the likes of Dr Jane Goodall, Conde Nast Traveller and National Geographic as part of this series.  Find out more about the two sessions taking place on Saturday 30th October and Sunday 1st November clicking here.

Monday 2nd November signals just one week to go until the opening of WTM Virtual and so London Travel Week virtual will be hosting WTM’s aviation expert John Strickland as he explains why 2020 was the most unprecedented year in aviation history.

For anyone interested in this sector or wanting to get a preview of the sessions John will be conducting with Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary and Jet Blue’s Robin Hayes during WTM Virtual, then this is a must attend event.

The following day, London Travel Week Virtual will be focusing on digital influencers with its Content Creators Summit. The three-hour event will begin with the BCMA Influence Awards for 2020 and the ten finalists will be showcasing their work to the assembled audience.

Following on from this, a panel of leading travel content creators will delve into the topic of how to make your niche your influencing super-power and produce truly unique content.

Digital influencer marketing agency Traverse will then present their own webinar on how content creators can form a crucial part of travel and tourism’s recovery before the winners of the BCMA Influence Awards are crowned to conclude the summit.

Wednesday 4th November will be a dedicated Responsible Tourism Day with a special programme of interviews curated by WTM’s Responsible Tourism expert Harold Goodwin.

There will be a series of conversations with industry leading figures and a key-note interview with Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Eden Project who will talk about why acting in a green and responsible way makes business sense in 2020.

The final day of London Travel Week will begin with a summit from WTM’s official media partner TTG.

The industry publication will be focusing on how to put travel back on the map for 2021 and will draw on their vast network to deliver a great deal of insightful content.

Concluding London Travel Week in 2020 will be another summit, this one designed for Press and PRs. During the summit, speakers from PRCA, Finn Partners, Lotus and Hills Balfour will all take their turns to address the main issues facing travel and tourism clients and how to maximise return on investment through effective PR.

All of these sessions are included as part of the ticket price for WTM Virtual and to learn more about these and all the other sessions taking place during London Travel Week you can click here.

There is also still time to sign up to WTM Virtual 2020 and you can take your place at the event where ideas arrive here.


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