TTG Czech can help you promote your travel business!

About: is a leading website for travel business community in the Czech republic (with an international English and German section) published by TTG Czech. It has a readership of more than 8 000 travel professionals per month. It is published with cooperation with the print edition of the TTG Czech with a history spanning more than 20 years.


1. Promoting your company or destination on the website

PR texts: can be published on our websites covering any topic of your choice (hotel special offers, destinations, cruises, etc…)
– we can publish your PR text in English of German „as you send it“
– we can translate your PR text and publish It in Czech
– we can prepare and write (based on your materials) special section covering your topic – such as a tourism region
For examples of our work, please visit TTG HOT TIPS or International section.

Advertisements: we can offer you special prices for your advertisement campaigns:
Leaderboard: 550 x 50px- 350 EUR / 1 month
Square: 300 x 300 px – 270 EUR/ 1 month
Fullbanner: 600 x 200 – 150 EUR/ 1 month
Support format: JPEG, GIF, FLASH (necessary to put active link into click-through)

Exclusive Newsletter – Newsletter covering only your offer/destionation 400 EUR
Editorial position in a Newsletter: A special position/short text in our newsletter: 250 EUR
Banner position in a bottom part of Newsletter: 550×100 px: 200 EUR


2. PR and marketing support

Newsletters: TTG Czech has a history of 20 years and the – without exaggeration – the most complex database of travel professionals in the Czech Republic. We can help you to address more than 11 000 business leaders in various segments (travel agencies, hotels, airlines, travel representations…)

PR representation: Our team consists of top experts from the field of travel marketing and travel journalism. We can help you to disseminate tailored Press Releases to carefully selected pool of journalists both in print and electronic media.

Media communication, press trips: Our 20 years of business experience give us a unique position for clients wishing to organize special project with the media in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For instance, we are able to address respected journalists from well-established media and organize a press trip to your region for them.

Social Media marketing: We are helping your clients to stay in touch with the communities of people among travel professionals and general public. We are able to help to promote your services on our social media channels (Facebok, Twitter, mobile app).


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