Tourism Panel at Bled Strategic Forum

The Bled Strategic Forum, representing a dialogue between leaders from the private and public sector about key problems faced by Europe in the 21st century, has over the last years established itself as one of the most prominent high-level international conferences. This year, the Forum is organised for the 10th time, supported by the slogan: „Visions of New Partnerships“. In addition to the main forum, the Business BSF and Young BSF will take place from 31st August to 1st September.

Ilustrační foto Zdroj: Shutterstock
Ilustrační foto Zdroj: Shutterstock

Over the last decade, the Bled Strategic Forum has evolved into one of the most notable international conferences for strategic dialogue between the private and public sector leaders. This year`s 10th anniversary of the Forum, which is traditionally organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center for European Perspective, deals with the topic of integration and partnerships, which have become the driving force of today`s politics, economy, diplomacy and society, as we use them to seek effective solutions for numerous challenges. Under the Visions of New Partnerships headline, the Forum participants will seek answers to important questions and solutions for challenges faced by the international community in achieving unity and prosperity.

Take part in the Tourism Panel on 1st September in Conference Hall of Grand Hotel Toplice. It supplements the content of the Bled Strategic Forum by seeking answers to the current challenges of connecting global tourism industries. This year`s tourism panel is entitled „Building New Partnerships For A Strong Tourism Industry„. The highest representatives of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Commission, the Chinese National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia will discuss the following challenges: Which global tourism markets are the most powerful/have the most potential? How do strong partnerships contribute to a strong tourism industry? What results can be expected from connecting the CEEC and China? Will we be able to balance the interests of individual countries and achieve synergy effects? How wide is Slovenia willing to open its doors to new markets?

During the Bled Strategic Forum, Slovenia will host a high-level meeting of 16 + 1 countries from the Central and Eastern Europe and China. This way, the meeting of ministers responsible for tourism at the highest levels will help build a great tourist and travel bridge between Europe and the Far East. For the first time ever, Slovenia will receive the China National Tourism Administration Executive and his delegation, which is the greatest opportunity so far to establish a solid partnership between the two countries. Most Chinese guests visit Slovenia in the summer and make most stops in major Slovenian towns, with Ljubljana leading the way with almost 60% of all their overnight stays. Following Ljubljana are mountain tourist centres and natural attractions of Slovenia.


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