The Waldviertel

The Waldviertel district in the north of Lower Austria is a land of unique Northern purity, interwoven with the charm of an outgoing, Southern mentality: An outstanding duality. The land and its people offer products, services and attractions that are unparalleled in their quality and kind. In the Waldviertel – high up, in the north of Lower Austria – the world is made up of a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors, including nature experiences, health retreats, sports activities, local taste and culture.

Foto: (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Foto: (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Healthy Waldviertel

The pure, unspoilt environment and the stimulating climate characterised by warm days and cool nights have helped establish the fame of the Waldviertel as one of the healthiest land areas in Austria. It comes as no surprise that many health care centres have clustered here, contributing to the image of one of Austria’s top “eco”-destinations especially popular among health and spa tourists. Specialised health care institutions in the Waldviertel offer a varied, state-of-art range of activities such as lifestyle medicine, sports medicine, disease prevention, psychosomatic relief and finding the sense of life. Health care in the Waldviertel addresses people looking to cure their symptoms and diseases as well as those wishing to invest in preventive medicine.


Sports in the Waldviertel

The clear, fresh air is a vital “ingredient” for the myriad of exercises and sports facilities in the Nordic landscape of the Waldviertel district. Go from soft to extreme: The golf courts around here rival those of lush green Ireland, and besides, the most extensive Austrian mountain bike network can be found here. Feel the force of nature: The Waldviertel has been awarded the first quality label in Austria for its countless well-marked hiking trails, expanding well over several hundred kilometres.


Tasty Waldviertel

Concerning the regional cuisine and culinary delights, the denomination of origin “Waldviertler” has long stood for excellent quality. Among those ingredients typical of Waldviertel cuisine are potatoes, carp fish, poppy and local cattle breeds, giving rise to countless traditional festivals and events: Potato & Poppy Seed Festivals or dry fishing the local ponds in the autumn. Concerning drinks, look out for signs of beer culture with locally brewed Zwettler, Schrems and Weitra beers, try excellent wines from the river Kamp valley or enjoy local whisky made in the villages of Roggenreith and Kottes.


Foto: (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Foto: (c) Waldviertel Tourismus

Cultural Waldviertel

Several hundred fortresses, castles, palaces, ruins, abbeys and theatres are dotted around the Waldviertel district, serving as splendid stages for cultural events and festivals. Among these are opera and operetta events, (chamber) music concerts as well as dance, theatre or cabaret shows.


Perfect for your holidays

For your next trip to the Waldviertel, start checking out the online travel planner. It allows you to plan your itinerary from the comfort of your home according to your individual preferences. Users are able to gather from 17 different, themed trails creating a unique, specialised route for themselves. Descriptive features, such as opening hours, admission fees or inspiring photography will make it easier to plan your stay and look forward to what you can expect. Further information is available on


Mobile Waldviertel Guide

Information at your fingertips! Looking for real time information and orientation around various leisure time options, distances and attractions? Check your mobile phone! As opposed to accessing mobile websites, the local travel information app is ready for offline use. Many useful, seasonal tips during summer and winter months are readily available, including access to points of attraction, ski slopes, cross-country skiing or snow-shoe hiking activities in winter. Information about accommodation and sights can be downloaded and accessed all year long. Where is the closest restaurant and when does the museum you want to visit close? Find answers to these and many other questions on the go. Open your “window to the Waldviertel” and inform yourself about hiking, cycling, culture and recreation offers. Check your phone for further information and download your mobile travel information here:


Fancy a holiday now?

We are working on creating the best leisure time options to suit your individual tastes. No matter whether you are looking for adventure, recreation, culture or relaxation “away from it all”: Here in the Waldviertel, you can do it. Recharge your batteries, let go and relax. – The Waldviertel beckons you to it, having preserved a unique sense of origin, authenticity and pureness. Fresh air and an unspoilt Northern landscape will always be there to guide you. The Waldviertel offers something to suit everybody’s tastes. Enjoy your “time out” in the Waldviertel…!


Waldviertel Tourismus: We are happy to assist you in the planning of your stay. More information and holiday packages are available on:


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