Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!Te)

siteMlimani City, Dar- es- Salaam, Tanzania
October,1-4, 2014

It is an indisputable fact that Tanzania, bears unparalleled tourism potential both in terms of abundance of variety of its attractions. Best known as the ‘land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti’, Tanzania could easily be called the capital of the natural wonders of Africa. The country is blessed to be home to three of the seven natural wonders of Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro – known as the pinnacle of Africa as it is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the world; Ngorongoro Crater – the largest unbroken caldera in the world, renowned for its abundance and variety of species of wildlife and The Serengeti – where the largest animal migration in the world takes place.

The word ‘Swahili’is an Arab word, meaning ‘boundary’ or ‘coast’. Ultimately it came to be applied to the people living on the East Africa Coast and their language. The ‘Swahili’coast refers to The Mystical Islands of Zanzibar and Tanzania’s mainland’s coastline which boasts of 805 kilometers of palm fringed, pristine beaches. Tanzania’s rich culture and history traversing from a blend of African, Arabic, Persian, Indian values are what Tanzania’s people and their language stand out from other cultures in the world.

Zdroj: Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!Te)
Zdroj: Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!Te)

Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!TE) is Tanzania’s first ever International Tourism Expo, developed by Tanzania Tourism Board. The Expo will be held annually in October at the Mlimani City Convention Centre in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania’s commercial capital located along the coastline of Tanzania, East Africa. S!TE focuses on inbound and outbound travel to Africa and is expected to draw hundreds of tourism and travel professionals from all over the world.

The Expo takes the format of a travel and trade exhibition with a conference element focussing on tropical tourism, sustainability, conservation and other market related issues. Tanzania Tourism Board has appointed leading exhibition and event management company, Pure Grit (Pty) Ltd (formally known as Witch & Wizard Creative (Pty) Ltd) to partner with them. Pure Grit has many years of experience in managing local and international trade events within various business sectors.


More information:www.site.co.tz

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