St. Anton am Arlberg: Feel-good skiing for everyone

Skiing is healthy – at any age

St. Anton am Arlberg

St. Anton am Arlberg

Steep pistes, free-ride slopes, moves, kickers, ramps, freestyle and the question, „Who was the fastest, skied the most runs with the best technique?“ Ski fans and experts can find all this and more, of course, in St. Anton am Arlberg. But hang on a minute – it doesn’t have to be that way, here in the birthplace of Alpine ski: wide slopes, inviting mountain huts with panoramic views, ski schools for a gentle (re)start into ski sport, spa and wellness, cafés and restaurants from rustic to exclusive as well as countless opportunities for shopping. This international ski resort offers die-hard ski freaks just as much diverse opportunity as beginners and pleasure skiers to enjoy stress free instruction and relaxing time in the snow. A recent study proves that: „Skiing promotes quality of life and good health – at any age“

Photo (download): Bright prospects in St. Anton am Arlberg
Courtesy of: St. Anton am Arlberg Tourist Board / Photographer Michael Reusse

„Winter holiday pleasure“ is a question of definition – not everyone is a great skier or avid winter sports lover. Many, in fact, would just like to spend some carefree hours in the snow and get a taste of an international ski resort. Couples, families and groups bring diverse circumstances with them, knowledge and expectations of a winter holiday: Some are looking for the challenge only a downhill run and off-piste slopes can bring, while others are either returning to the sport or looking forward to just gently carving down an easy slope. Some are venturing out on skis or boards for the very first time and want to have a go without any pressure to perform.

Study by the University of Salzburg
A study by the University of Salzburg revealed that skiing has both mental and physical positive effects on human health, especially for those aged 60 plus: Improvements were detected in cardiovascular efficiency, muscle growth, balance and social skills. „One very important factor, however, is the psychological state, the great joy of exercising this sport brings in the long term“, said Prof. Dr. Erich Müller, Head of Sports Science at the University of Salzburg.

Gentle learning in the birthplace of Alpine ski
One feels almost obliged to learn to ski in the birthplace of Alpine ski, St. Anton am Arlberg – very individually and depending on levels of ability. Ski schools offer a special programme, specifically designed to suit those returning to the sport after a break of possibly many years. This entails joining an instructor, who is schooled and familiar with the appropriate instruction for older people, for 2 days of gentle ski guiding on the slopes.

And, should a novice not be quite sure if he or she prefers to ski or board, dual instructors are on hand to help make the right choice. A private instructor meets up with the guest at their hotel first thing to hold a preliminary meeting, pose a few questions and discuss details before they head off to the ski hire shop. The beginner is then introduced step by step to skiing and boarding. Trained eyes quickly recognise individual talents, and offer tips and assistance in choosing the right sport.

Time out to breathe deeply
Those in need of some time-out can relax at a mountain hut or in a deck chair, meet up with friends in one of the mountain restaurants or many cafés in the village. Or how about a relaxing afternoon spa? Guests can indulge in the essential pleasures of rest, relaxation and revitalisation in the Spa and Wellness area at, in the well tempered pool, hot sauna or watching others indulge in winter sports. The evenings don’t have to be chic and sophisticated either. After all, dining out is first and foremost about relaxation and enjoyment.

Information on the study „How healthy is skiing in older age“ is available from the University of Salzburg, under the Professorship of Prof. Dr. Erich Müller under +43 (662) 8044 0 or

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