Schilthorn Cableway – NEWS 2015

Next to the still brand-new highlight SKYLINE WALK platform we have the following news for this summer:

Fresh tracks from James Bond Agent 007 on the Schilthorn:

With the launch of the world’s first „007 Walk of Fame“ the Schilthorn Cableway Ltd pays tribute to the cult figure and his films.

007 Walk of Fame Foto:
007 Walk of Fame Foto:

Swiss Skyline Shop and Bar Mürren:

On 5th of June we reopen the station in Mürren. Guests can look forward to a new gastronomic offering with a takeaway restaurant and integrated shop. This renovation is part of our masterplan 2013 – 2017. Also on the top building Piz Gloria we start with renovations this year.

Summer Sunset @ Schilthorn:

The cable cars to the Schilthorn will run until 20.30 in the evenings from 20th June to 23rd August 2015. In combination with an exclusive Sunset Menu, an evening visit to the 360° revolving restaurant will provide an unforgettable experience.

Touch the Snow – 365 days a year:

The Schilthorn Cableway Ltd has been taking care of the permafrost for years. Special covers in two places help to prevent the loss of permafrost in the Schilthorn area. In summer, access to a permanent snow cover on the Schilthorn’s northern slope will be made available via a path from Piz Gloria. Visitors will learn about the permafrost, its development and can experience snow, first hand, 365 days a year.


More information here.


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