OKTOBUS – give us a hug!

OKTO comes from the Greek and means EIGHT, standing for the 8 title offers in the Alps-Adriatic region introduced in the comprehensive catalogue (Austria – Slovenia – Friaul/Julisch – Venetia). A big variety of different packages covers the desires of any client – the 8 titles are: ‘Das trekkige Dutzend’, Excursion, Live-17, Have a great Weekend, Offertory Box, Cherub & Urchin, Sportsmanship and Box-STOP!okto_logo_main_big_en

OKTOBUS shows how passionate we are to design bus trips with a difference and to support advanced tour operators with their personal ideas for fun-packed trips throughout our frontier-free homeland, the Alps-Adriatic region as well for groups as for individuals!

The addition to our logo „give us a hug” shows that we want to take you by the hand and lead you through our homeland and also stands for the great cooperation with many personal friends and partners in the Alps-Adriatic region!

* OKTO is your partner on site!

For more information please contact:

Paier & Nothegger GmbH
Sales Team

Tel: +43 / 4762 / 2217-71 or 72

Mobile: +43 / 664 / 88399855

E-mail: incoming@oktobus.at

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