New hall layout for countries at ITB Berlin

New hall layout for international exhibitors shortens distances and provides better orientation for visitors to ITB Berlin 2014 – brand new hall location for Europe (Hall 7.2b) – focus on Central European countries in Hall 7.2a

ITB Berlin

Berlin, 27 November 2013 – ITB Berlin continues to physically concentrate key themes, tourism companies and individual countries on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in an effort to provide shorter distances for visitors. Following the relocation of Training & Employment in Tourism from Hall 5.1 to Hall 11.1, the countries previously in that hall are now moving too. Thus an all-new, smaller-sized hall has been set up for Europe (Hall 7.2b), which will be home to the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Romania. Serbia and Hungary will occupy new display areas in Hall 2.2 at the south entrance. Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan are all moving to the hall of the Silk Road (Hall 7.2a).

According to Dr. Martin Buck, director of the Competence Center Travel & Logistics at Messe Berlin, the hall reorganisation offers dual benefits: “The new hall layout with its geographical divisions makes it easier for visitors to find their way around. It shortens the distances they need to cover, thus giving them more time to find out about new things and have in-depth meetings. Furthermore, the exhibitors in Hall 11.1 have long requested a hall with a higher ceiling in order to be able to realise stand concepts with more attractive displays.“ Hungary will be screening large-scale images on its multi award-winning stand at ITB Berlin 2014 and so will be able to showcase its tourism highlights through the use of imagery.

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