Mozarthaus Vienna: the only one of Mozart’s apartments in Vienna that still exists today

At Domgasse 5 is the only surviving apartment of Mozart, where the composer lived in style from 1784 to 1787. In no other place did he compose more music. Mozarthaus Vienna presents Mozart’s life and work there on three exhibition floors.

Foto: Archiv muzea

Foto: Archiv muzea

Visitors can look forward to a comprehensive presentation of the time in which Mozart lived, his most important works and the apartment in which he lived with his family for two and a half years.

To provide access to the fascinating topics presented in the museum, Mozarthaus Vienna offers a wide-ranging education programme for young and old.Visitors can discover the museum in their own way: either with a free audio guide in eleven languages, including a children’s version (both available in czech language!), through a personal themed tour, workshops or in combination with a memorable concert. All of these possibilities give access to Mozart’s world.


A-1010 Vienna, Domgasse 5

Daily 10.00 – 19.00

Tel.: +43 1 512 1791


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