Minister St Ange speaks of Seychelles and Vanilla Islands at WTM

One of the premier trade publications in the UK, TTG, carried out an article during the just-ended World Travel Market about how the Seychelles destination is raising its profile on the international market and how it is embracing the concept of Vanilla Islands.

foto: St Pierre Island near Praslin © Gerard Larose/STB
foto: St Pierre Island near Praslin © Gerard Larose/STB

The article came out in one of the TTG WTM dailies, which carried news for the travel trade attending the biggest trade fair in the UK.

It was the Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange who told writer April Hutchinson that Seychelles had made many strides in tourism and today the destination is regarded as one which has increased its visibility all over the world. Minister St Ange reiterated that although Seychelles caters for the higher end market with its brand hotels, it also has a good portfolio of hotels that caters for logo seychellesthe lower budgets. “It is very important that the trade and the people out there know that yes, we have the brand hotels (because we have a market for that) but we also have a wide range of small hotels, guest houses and self-catering for the more affordable sector,” said the Minister.

He noted that efforts are continuing in all traditional and new markets to increase the awareness of the trade and consumers on what Seychelles has to offer and also why it is now being referred as the ‘new exciting destination’ on the market. Minister St Ange also spoke on the issue of flight accessibility to the Seychelles, saying the destination is now more accessible than never before.

The Minister, who is also the President of the Vanilla Islands grouping, then said that Seychelles is working very closely with its neightbours to promote the new concept. “The focus now is to market the islands collectively and to encourage travels between the island destinations. The region is itself very attractive with each island having its own selling points which when added together, can bring a very unique experience to the traveller.”

Minister St Ange was heading a strong delegation to the annual WTM trade fair.


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