Low cost at Munich Airport: Transavia starts with 18 destinations

A new airline for Bavaria: Becoming effective at the end of March 2016, the European low-cost airline Transavia makes Munich Airport a new home base and stations four Boeing 737-800 jets there. With a total of 18 destinations in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Morocco, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Transavia enters the German market and offers 101 weekly flights from the Bavarian state capital for summer flight schedule 2016. Transavia is the first low-cost airline to build a home base at Munich Airport.

Foto: Transavia
Foto: Transavia

Besides popular holiday destinations like e.g. Palma de Mallorca, Faro, and Palermo, Transavia also offers flights to the trend destinations Dubrovnik and Marrakech. With flights to Venice, Copenhagen and Brussels, Munich’s new low-cost airline also addresses city trippers and business travelers. The table below gives a full overview of all new destinations from Munich.

Transavia’s home increases travel options and creates jobs

“With 101 weekly flights to 18 destinations in nine countries, Transavia offers a broad and manifold choice  of  new  connections  from  Munich,”  says  Dr.  Michael  Kerkloh,  President  and  CEO,  Munich Airport.  “This  increases  the  travel  options  for  passengers  and  makes  our  airport  even  more attractive.”

Flights from Munich will be operated with primarily German crews stationed in Munich. Transavia is therefore looking for additional cabin crew as well as for experienced pilots. “Stationing four Boeing 737 in Munich will create around 120 jobs at Transavia only and is therefore a gain for the whole region,” Mattijs ten Brink adds.

New standards in service at affordable fares with no hidden costs

Transavia  is  characterized  by  a  fully  transparent  price  structure:  Customers  select  from  three different fares (Basic, Plus and Max) and book their flights and additional services tailored to their personal  needs.  Regardless  of  the  chosen  fare,  one  piece  of  hand  luggage  with  10  kg  baggage allowance as well as an allocated seat is always included. The fares “Plus” and “Max” also include free  hold  baggage  with  20kg  or  30kg  baggage  allowance  respectively  as  well  as  a  free-of-charge reservation  of  the  favourite  seat.  In  the  “Max”  fare,  customers  are  also  allowed  to  use  the  fast-track  security  lanes  at  airports.  Particularly  for  business  travelers,  this  ensures  shorter  waiting times at airports.

There are no transaction fees for any kind of bookings, nor payments or GDS handling and no hidden costs – what customers see is what they get. Aboard, all passengers have a comprehensive offer of snacks, beverages as well as hot and cold menus available at an affordable price.

Transavia further does not only set new standards in friendly service aboard and affordable fares, but  also  in  accessibility  and  the  customers’  digital  experience:  Before  departure,  passengers  can download the latest movies and series via the complimentary Transavia In-Flight Entertainment app and  watch  these  on  their  own  smartphones  and  tablets  during  their  flight.  Even  on  the  ground, passengers are serviced with comprehensive customer care via Whatsapp, with which Transavia is the first airline offering this direct form of communication in German. Naturally, German customer service is also available on Facebook, via email, webform and on the telephone in German as well as  in  English  and  other  languages.  On  Twitter,  LinkedIn  and  Instagram,  customers’  requests  are answered in English.

“The package we offer in combination with the ticket price, makes Transavia unique in Munich – and we  are  happy  to  show  Bavarians  how  we  define  an  outstanding  flight  experience  with  friendly service at an unbeatable fare”, Mattijs ten Brink states.


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