LAAX – more than just winter sport

LAAX proves that winter sport means more than just skiing and snowboarding – winter sport is experience and relaxation, adventure and escape, enjoyment and companionship, sport and style. And this is precisely why LAAX stands out – as the largest inter-connected winter sports region in the Swiss canton of Grisons.



The destination, consisting of Flims, Laax and Falera resorts, presents itself as a modern, dynamic and family-friendly winter resort. Only 60 minutes from the Swiss boarder (Feldkirch), LAAX offers boundless freedom on 235 kilometres of slopes, in four snow parks and in Europe’s biggest halfpipe. 70% of the slopes are at an altitude of 2’000 to 3’000 metres, so that between the start of December and the end of April, LAAX is one of the regions in the Alps with the best guarantee of snow for skiing and snowboarding. LAAX is more than just winter sport.

LAAX is pure adventure, guaranteeing families and freestylers the perfect holiday. The gastronomic diversity on the mountain and valley leaves nothing to be desired, together with a whole raft of events and concerts to provide the icing on the cake. LAAX truly impresses with its versatility and it is synonymous with a young, dynamic attitude of life – and its innovations are always at the cutting edge.

LAAX is continually improving the infrastructure in the mountains so that winter sport enthusiasts can enjoy full diversity of the region even more. In winter season 2012/13 two new, state-of-the-art 6-seater chairlifts take ski and snowboard fans up the mountain even faster and with greater comfort. An absolute design highlight is a world exclusive – the 6-seater chairlift, designed by Porsche Design Studios. The chairs automatically rotate by 45 degrees at the exit point. This gives the passengers an unhindered view of breath-taking mountain panorama. The heated seats of the new designer lift, powered by solar panels, provide even more comfort.

The choice for freestylers in LAAX is amongst the best in Europe. Freestylers find heaven on earth on the 2’228 metre Crap Sogn Gion – up to 90 obstacles spread over the four parks – the largest and most comprehensive range of snow parks in the Alps. LAAX is the leading freestyle region – with Europe’s biggest halfpipe.

A paradise for bikers, families and mountaineers. Impressive, fascinating and varied. – click and go for it!

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