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St. Moritz – 100thanniversery of the Swiss National Park & 150 years of winter tourism

On 1 August 2014 – Swiss National Day and exactly 100 years since the Swiss National Park was officially founded – a jubilee festival will be held in and around the National Park Visitor Centre in Zernez (35 km from St. Moritz), offering a varied and attractive programme of events and activities. From 11 July to 16 August 2014, visitors can enjoy 16 open-air theatre performances of the play “Laina Viva” (living wood) in Zernez, which has been specially written for the jubilee.


Special tipp for mountain bikers

Be the first at the top! Take the cable car to Piz Nair in the early morning and  enjoy the sunrise at over 3’000 metres. Enjoy the endless trails in the Piz Nair area and a subsequent delicious breakfast on top of the mountains above St. Moritz.


Bernina Express

The most beautiful experience of the Alps: From the high towering glaciers of the mountains down to the swaying palms of Italy, the highest mountain railway in the Alps provides a link between northern and southern Europe. It does so in the most wonderful way imaginable, on a railway line that coexists in perfect harmony with its glorious mountain setting. The train makes short work of the 55 Tunnels, 196 bridges and slopes of up to 70 millimetres per metre of incline that are found along its route. The physical high-point of the RhB is Ospizio Bernina, at 2,253 metres above sea level.



St. Moritz – where winter tourism was born 150 years ago

Representatives of businesses and families that have been actively involved in the Engadin for generations will take part in fireside discussions with local residents and guests, talking about the past and the prospects for the new generation. Clubs, associations and companies from the region will put on a selection of one-off activities aimed at the general public. The NZZ Buchverlag will be publishing a book on the history of winter tourism. And other ideas are currently in development.

Please find aside a document providing a first list of events that will take place in winter 2014/2015.


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