Dubrovnik TB: A new Facebook award winning contest


Thanks to the contest launched by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Dubrovnik, as a fantastic motif of million photos, is again in the centre of attention of all Facebook users!

Dubrovnik Zdroj: Chorvatské turistické sdružení

Dubrovnik Zdroj: Chorvatské turistické sdružení

After a successful contest on Facebook page organized late last year and an excellent promotional effect of this competition, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board again, at the most popular global social network, invites all followers and those who are yet to become to send us photos of Dubrovnik – one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities and that way get Likes of their fans and win attractive prizes.

The competition was launched on Tuesday, 7 May in the late evening and immediately after being posted it received more than a hundred „Likes“. After two weeks the most praised photos will be selected and the winners will be awarded a stay in Dubrovnik, interesting excursions and a „Dubrovnik Card“.

The beauty of the city that will leave you breathless is an inexhaustible motivation for taking photos, in all occasions and in all seasons, in the morning and in the evening, in detail and as a panorama, therefore we are inviting you to join – we can’t wait to get your photos at Dubrovnik Tourist Board Facebook profile!

The contest runs until 22 May and the announcement of the photo that got most „Likes“ will be held on 24 May.



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