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At TTG Incontri a preview of the numbers of world tourism

The tourism industry is bound to grow by over 4 percentage points each year for the next five years, with a strong incidence of the Chinese, Indian and Russian markets. The new trends in the world travel industry will be presented in detail in Rimini on October 17 at TTG Incontri, the main b2b tourism fair in Italy.


Despite the global economic situation, the tourism industry is showing good resilience. The growth rate forecast for the next five years is an annual 4% on a global scale, whereas the increase rate for Italy will be 2,1%, equal to little more than 50 million arrivals in 2017. Until that date, the markets which are bound to generate the highest number of tourists are China, India and Russia.

This is the outcome of the statistics elaborated by Euromonitor, a London-based company specialised in market surveys, that will take part in TTG Incontri (Rimini, October 17-19) this year to give a preview presentation for Italy of the new trends in the world tourism demand and offer, during the WTM Vision Conference, the international conference on tourism organised by London’s WTM (the most important tourism fair in the world) and by TTG Italia, a Rimini Fiera Group company. The WTM Vision Conference is one of the international conferences scheduled within TTG Incontri, the main b2b tourism fair in Italy, that will take place in Rimini from October 17 to 19. On October 17, the day when the data will be presented, the fair will host the Italian Minister for Culture and Tourism, Mr. Massimo Bray.

TTG Incontri is the only European venue chosen by Euromonitor to illustrate the data that has been gathered. The four other selected cities are Moscow, Beijing, Sao Paulo and Dubai.

Doubtlessly, the lion’s share of market in the next five years will be taken by China, by far the most interesting demand area, with about 47 million travellers ready to discover the world during their holidays. Inside the ranking of developing  demand areas, Euromonitor highlights the new entry by Kazakhstan, at the 13th place, preceded by France and followed by Australia. Due to its strong economy supported by the oil industry and by the exploitation of other mineral resources, this Country is indeed ready to take wing, preparing an elite of citizens with a high spending propensity who will be soon ready to travel.

Good news also on the front of business travel, due to start growing again worldwide, with a 5.9% increase. Once again, the demand will be fostered by the growing economies of the world.

What are then the opportunities in sight for the Italian tourism? “Shopping is a key factor of attraction for tourists coming from the Bric area and it represents an important competitive advantage for luxury tourism to our Country” says Angelo Rossini, Travel and Tourism Analyst, who will illustrate Euromonitor’s data at TTG Incontri. But that’s not enough. Tourism in Italy will have to prove it is able to take advantage of the increase in visitors coming from Germany, United Kingdom and USA. And, last but not least, it will also have to implement actions to second an always more articulate demand for mobile services by users, who will soon be using these devices massively to book travel and services, view promotional alerts, consult social media and travel portals. According to Euromonitor, till 2017 the mobile approach will mark double digit growth rates as for the sales of online specialised agencies.


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