Announcing the finalists for the annual WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards

The WTM World Responsible Tourism Gold and Silver Award finalists have been announced for 2019. After an extensive process, the panel of expert judges have decided on 14 global businesses, destinations and organisations to receive the prestigious awards.


World Travel Market 2018, ExCeL London – Responsible Tourism Awards 2018, Gold & Silver Awards Winners

The esteemed panel of industry professionals filtered through masses of applications to find the best of the best to fit within six categories; Wildlife and Nature Conservation, Reducing Carbon & Other Greenhouse Gases, Benefiting Local People, Transparent Reporting, Reducing Plastic Waste and Coping with Success, dealing with Overtourism.


The 2019 WTM World Responsible Tourism Gold and Silver Award finalists are:

“To become a Finalist in the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards is a significant achievement, it marks you out as a leader in Responsible Tourism; it carries a responsibility to exercise leadership,” said Chair of the Judges Harold Goodwin.

“Our purpose in organising the Awards has not changed since they were launched back in 2004 – we want to encourage change in the industry, to single out for recognition those who are taking responsibility and can evidence that they are having a positive impact, that they are making tourism better.”

There will also be an overall winner to be announced at WTM London, on Wednesday 6th November 2019 as part of WTM World Responsible Tourism Day – the largest day of responsible tourism day in the world.


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