A warm welcome to the Traunsee Holiday Region in the Salzkammergut

Lacus Felix – “the happy lake”

Even the romans knew about the unique landscapes and ideal situation of the Lake Traunsee and gave it the name “The happy lake”. 1500 years later Lacus Felix has still not lost any of its enchanting effect. Come and discover the uniqueness of the lake for yourself.

Schloss Ort Foto: brainpark

Schloss Ort Foto: brainpark

Water Games

Still and crystal clear, that’s Lake Traunsee. The upper and the under winds call for much movement above water, the lake invites you to set sail, or jump headfirst into its cool wetness or try out something new.

Natural wellbeing

Around Lake Traunsee you will find everything, that will bring you far away from your daily chores. Impressive mountains, wonderful nature and a wide range of places of happiness where you can tank up on lost energy.

Use your senses

Majestic castles and dignified monasteries are evidence of a historical past on lake Traunsee. Since the beginning of the impressive landscape has inspired artists, poets and musicians. But even today handicrafts, arts and culture are an authentic and active part of local life around the lake.

Foto: Leo Himsl

Foto: Leo Himsl

Winter dream and Christmas season

When the winter arrives, it makes the Traunsee particularly idyllic and atmospheric. Discover a peaceful contrast to the hectic winter sports centres. In the Advent season you will find authentic Christmas markets, for example the romantic “Schlösseradvent” in Lake Castle Ort and Land Castle Ort.  From 26 December to 2 February you can admire the artistic and painstakingly detailed carving of the Christmas cribs in the museums, in the churches but also in private houses. The evening of the Twelfth Day – 5 January – is marked in all four Traunsee locations by the mystical and impressive Glöcklerläufen. Men, dressed in white, wear magnificent hoods lit up with candles and carry heavy bells to chase away the evil spirits of the winter. Skiers, snowboarders, snow-shoe hikers and those going on alpine tours definitely get value for money at the Feuerkogel family ski area in Ebensee – and all that at 1600 metres where you can be sure of snow.




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