Travel Agency VIS POJ – Ohrid – Macedonia – The Balkans

That’s who we are.

We would like to appoint that the story for Ohrid and Macedonia has already been told. Created by millenia, nature, created by history.

Archiv: Vispoj

Archiv: Vispoj

Our intention is to simply present ourselves. We are here to lead you through the pathways walked for millennia. To let you know that we are big enough to be your serious partner in Macedonia, but at the same time small enough to pay our due attention to each individual visitor.


We are offering numerous services in the field of tourism. We are not only a superb quality organizer of all types of individual and group travels but also a first-class service agent of partner clients.


The services we render are at a high standard level and with a guaranteed quality, which is the result of our selection of local partners with great care. This, on the other hand, allows our full range of programs, which is our final tourist product, to be as unique and as perfect as possible.


The extensive experience in congress tourism of VIS POJ’s team, its dedication and competence is just another reason to simply entrust the organization of your future meetings, seminars and/or congresses to the hands of real professionals.


We are so blissful for living in Ohrid, in Macedonia, on the Balkans, in a region abound of cultural heritage which by itself motivates to become real creators of specially designed cultural tours, planned to the smallest of detail, that will meet the needs of our most demanding clients.

You may contact VIS POJ for any or all of the following:

– Incentive groups –

– Programs of special interest –

– Monastery tours –

– Eco tours –

– Daily trips –

– Classical programs around Macedonia –

– Program – Wineries in Macedonia –

– Sports tourism (fishing & hunting) –

– Hotel accommodation –

– Private accommodation –

– Package arrangements –

– Seminars and congresses –

– Airway tickets –

– Transfers –

– Rent a car –



Travel Agency – Incoming Tour Operator

VIS POJ – Ohrid


Blvd.  Turisticka 50, 6000 Ohrid

phone: +389 (0) 46 255 600; 255 601


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