Ready for take-off: The new Fräkmüntegg – Pilatus Kulm aerial cableway

An outstanding achievement and pioneering spirit in the past – a high level of innovation and investment in the present: the success story of the Pilatus is founded on a tradition of tourism stretching back more than 150 years.



Today, investment links tradition with modernity. Following the refurbishment of the hotel and restaurant infrastructure on the mountain between 2009 and 2011, PILATUS-BAHNEN AG is investing 18 million Swiss francs in a new aerial cableway (Fräkmüntegg – Pilatus Kulm).

The centrepiece consists of two modern cabins which give passengers the impression of flying thanks to their spacious interior, cockpit-like design and large windows – a mountain experience that gets the adrenalin pumping. Construction work will begin in April 2014 with completion scheduled for spring 2015.



All new developments at a glance

Completely new cabins PILATUS-BAHNEN AG will purchase two “ATW 55+1” cabins from CWA Constructions Olten. The journey from the Fräkmüntegg to the Pilatus Kulm will thus be quicker, safer and even more breathtaking.

More breathtaking – The cabins boast 12 panorama seats which give passengers the impression of flying thanks to their cockpit-like design and large windows.  The magnificent view can also be  enjoyed standing up.

More spacious – The cabins are designed to carry 55 + 1 people. The geneous standing space offers passengers a new feeling of space.

Quicker – New cableway technology means that the journey time can be reduced by up to one minute compared to the old aerial cableway. The journey will now take about 3.5 minutes.

More wind-resistant – Thanks to a longer hanger arm, hanging freedom over the support, an aerodynamic cabin design and modern technology, the cableway can continue operating smoothly even during high winds.

More information about Pilautus is here.

Golden Round Trip

From May to October experience the assorted delights of Lucerne’s landmark mountain courtesy of the Golden Round Trip – a half-day or whole-day excursion involving a boat trip, the cogwheel railway, aerial cableway «Dragon Ride» and panorama gondolas.

World’s steepest cogwheel railway

On its way up the mountain from Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm, the cogwheel railway – the world’s steepest since it began operating in 1889 – winds its way through lush meadows carpeted with Alpine flowers, past sparkling mountain streams and fascinating rock faces.

New aerial cableway «Dragon Ride»

The new aerial cableway «Dragon Ride» gives the impression of flying thanks to its spacious interior, cockpit-like design and large windows – a mountain experience that gets the adrenalin pumping. Enjoy the 3.5-minute ride to the top and the breathtaking view!

One night on 7000 feet

Let us pamper you with a delicious culinary experience and enjoy a fairytale-like night’s sleep beneath a clear, starry sky in one of our hotels.

Fun & Action at Fräkmüntegg

Test your agility skills on Central Switzerland’s largest rope park which promises fun-filled adventure or get into the groove on Switzerland’s longest summer toboggan run – 1350 metres of tempo and top-notch fun.

Hiking at Mount Pilatus

Embark on a breathtaking voyage of discovery: families, schools, senior citizens and clubs will find walks and hikes to suit all ages and abilities.


Video Golden Round Trip

More information about Pilautus is here.

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