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MACEDONIA: City and lake of UNESCO – Ohrid

Hiking in the national park Galicica combined with riding donkeys and traditional Macedonian food – ideal place for tailor maid workshops, seminars, team building…

Foto: Archiv Lale Tours

Foto: Archiv Lale Tours

Come to visit Ohrid, its lake, mountains, tradition, long history, archeological site, early Christian and medival churches… The place to be – Ohrid, Macedonia.

Your workshop will be combined with one of the top events here. This is an excursion in which you will visit several villages, their inhabitants and customs, beautiful nature and breath taking views.

Foto: Archiv CK Lale Tours

Foto: Archiv CK Lale Tours

Foto: Archiv CK Lale Tours

Foto: Archiv CK Lale Tours

We leave from the hotel and travel by minibus to the mountain village Elshani. We walk or ride donkeys from the village Elshani (900 m elevation) to the previously abandoned village of Gorno Kojnsko (1.200 m elevation), a distance of about 4 km. For each donkey we have an escort. We will explore the village of Gorno Kojnsko where we will have an opportunity to see the old architecture, ruined houses, with all the furniture and tools inside, over 150 years old.

Ability to return with donkeys or walking other mountain path. On the way back, in Elshani we will have an opportunity to have a dress in the national Macedonian costume of our escorts and have delicious home made food and drinks participating in the preparation of traditional food with the hosts. Traditional Macedonian cuisine consists of specialties, such as Macedonian pie with cheese and leeks, traditional Ohrid pie called gjomleze, baked bread and so called pasent meat in the old oven.


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Lale Pension is our own accommodation that we rent out, with a touch of Dutch hospitality located in the picturesque fishing village Pestani, 80 meters from the Lake Ohrid and at the base of the National Park Galicica.


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