Kärnten / Region Villach: Berge, Seen und Radfahren im Herzen Kärntens

Region Villach ist die Region in Kärnten, die mit allem, was Österreichs südlichstes Bundesland ausmacht, reichlich gesegnet ist: Berge, Seen und jede Menge Möglichkeiten zu sportlicher Entfaltung.

Foto: TVB Villach Günther Steinacher Radbutler

Foto: TVB Villach Günther Steinacher Radbutler


Die markanten geographischen Eckpfeiler der Region bilden vier Berge – die Gerlitzen Alpe, der Naturpark Dobratsch (Villacher Alpe), das Verditz und das Dreiländereck. Jeder Berg ist für sich ein grenzenloses Wanderparadies mit Rundumblicken auf die traumhafte Kärntner Berg- und Seenwelt. Die Villacher Alpenstraße und die Gerlitzen Alpe sind auch beliebte Ziele für Rennradfahrer die herausfordernde Bergstraßen suchen.


Der mit 11 Kilometern längste See der Region ist der Ossiacher See. Tipp: Nach der Seeumrundung am Radweg einen Sprung ins Wasser machen und sich danach die Fischspezialitäten in einem der Restaurants rund um den See gönnen.

Der südlichste Badesee der Region ist der Faaker See! Keines der Kärntner Gewässer glitzert schöner unter der strahlenden Sonne. Aber auch die vielen kleineren Seen wie zum Beispiele der Afritzer See, der St. Magdalener See und der Vassacher See sind im Frühjahr, Sommer und Herbst ideale Erholungsoasen.

Stadterlebnis: Villach

In Österreich verbindet man mit Villach als erstes den Villacher Fasching und den Villacher Kirchtag. Und tatsächlich ist damit über die Stadt an der Drau und vor allem ihre Bewohner recht viel gesagt. Hier weiß man – bei allem Arbeitseifer während des Tages – so richtig zünftig zu feiern. Die wunderschöne Villacher Altstadt bietet immer den richtigen Rahmen für alle Festlichkeiten. Am besten erkundet man diese mit der multimedialen City Tour Villach auf der Region Villach App, die kostenlos erhältlich ist.

Rad-Urlaub in der Region Villach!

Die Region Villach bietet für alle Radfahrer traumhafte Strecken, immer umgeben von kristallklaren See und einer wunderschönen Bergwelt. Besonders rund um den Faaker See findet man viel schöne, beschilderte Strecken – wie zum Beispiel die WM-Strecke von 1987. Zusätzlich gibt es in Villach am Drauradweg einen eigenen Radbutler, der sich um das Fahrrad kümmert, während man die Innenstadt entdeckt.

Der Mai und der Juni stehen in der Region Villach jedes Jahr im Zeichen des Radfahrens. Im Rahmen des MAI-RAD (www.mai-rad.at) erleben Gäste mit der Region Villach CARD regelmäßig geführte Touren zu den schönsten Plätzen im Alpe-Adria Raum – ebenso viele tolle Rad-Veranstaltungen (Tour de Kärnten, Ausfahrten mit dem Ex-Profi Paco Wrolich etc.).

Für alle die sich auf den IRONMAN in Kärnten vorbereiten wollen, aber auch für alle Hobbysportler findet Mitte Juni das Alpe-Adria Bikefestival (www.alpe-adria-bikefestival.com) statt. Egal ob Rennradfahrer, Mountainbiker oder die ganze Familie – die unterschiedlichen Giros bieten für jeden Geschmack das Richtige.

Foto: Tine Steinthaler / Kärnten Werbung

Foto: Tine Steinthaler / Kärnten Werbung

Nine lakes in the heart of Carinthia

Summer, sun, south, sparkle – this is what people tend to associate with holidays and expect to make it the best time of the year. And what you can also look forward to in the Villach Region!

No fewer than nine recreational lakes are to be found in the region. A lake is called See in German and the largest here is Ossiacher See followed by Faaker See, Afritzer See, Silbersee, St. Magdalener See, Aichwaldsee, Vassacher See, St. Leonharder See and Wernberger Badesee. What they all have in common is that the water is clean enough to drink and in summer temperatures can reach up to 28 degrees Celsius. And that there are hardly any water sports you cannot do in or on them: from water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing, stand-up paddling, diving and parasailing to fun rides on a tube or banana. You are also quite likely to see anglers on the shores where rumour has it they land many a good catch.

The big two. Lake Ossiach not only attracts people who want to swim and sunbathe. It has gained international acclaim as the venue for the Carinthian Summer Music Festival, which together with Salzburg and Bregenz ranks among the most important classical music events in Austria and has been held every year since 1969.

The southernmost recreational lake is Lake Faak. Its water is so turquoise in colour that it features on countless postcards every year. In the middle of the lake there is an idyllic little island with a charming hotel. A particularly good way to explore the lake is by canoe.

Hands-on experience: holiday in the open air. There are several campsites on the region’s lakes. Of the 32 sites, 20 are even listed in the renowned German ADAC camping guide. But that’s not all, many of them can boast the highest ADAC accolades: five sites received the new “2015 Tip” rating, which means that they underwent testing and gained the much-coveted ADAC classification of four or four-and-a-half stars. Four campsites were mentioned as being particularly family friendly and another six in the region have now met the requirements for the ADAC environment award. The criteria involved include environmentally aware management ensuring ecological use of drinking water, bike hire on the premises, a bus stop nearby and restricted car traffic on the site.

Three of the region’s campsites (Campingbad Ossiacher See, Seecamping Berghof and Terrassen Camping Ossiacher See) have also earned the Carinthian quality mark, which is awarded to businesses that demonstrate high standards of service and quality and see themselves as ambassadors of the “Carinthia – the Joy of Living” tourism brand.

All accommodation providers, whether campsites, hotels or self-catering apartments, make an effort to provide a particularly welcoming atmosphere. The fact it comes naturally to them is thanks to their Carinthian mentality and tendency to be warm, friendly people who enjoy life. Which in turn testifies to the unmistakable Mediterranean influence. Hardly surprising, when the Italian and Slovenian borders are only a few kilometres away. A day trip to neighbouring Friuli for instance or even to Ljubljana or Venice is no problem at all. Another alternative for seeing the scenic beauty in the region is a cruise round Lake Ossiach or down the River Drau. An excellent way of discovering what the area has to offer is naturally by bicycle – countless routes for all levels of difficulty are just waiting to be explored.

Town and mountains. If you want a change from all the water, Gerlitzen Alpe, Verditz, Dreiländereck and Dobratsch nature park – the four mountains in the region – can be thoroughly recommended for walking. The town of Villach is naturally always worth a visit at any time of the year. You can absorb the local colour on a stroll through the historic centre with its mix of Italian and alpine charm or at the town’s inviting cafés, bars and restaurants which mostly have outdoor seating in summer.

Bad weather activities. If the weather is not what you hoped for – rarely but sometimes the case – and you still want to go swimming, the best place to head for is the KärntenTherme water park (opened in July 2012) in Warmbad-Villach. The region’s attractions also promise all kinds of fun: you can watch the cute little macaques’ antics on Monkey Mountain in Landskron, see eagles and falcons circling majestically during the birds of prey show at Landskron Castle, and learn about the former mining village’s past at Terra Mystica and Terra Montana in Bad Bleiberg.

Kärnten Card. If that is still not enough for you, the Kärnten Card gives you free admission to over 100 sights and attractions throughout Carinthia. Available from 12 April to 26 October 2015, the credit card-sized chip card is valid for 1, 2 or 5 weeks. It costs €36, €47 or €62 for adults and €16, €23 or €31 for children (born in 2000 to 2008).


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